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I'm just a girl, oh little old me...내가 제일 잘 나가

Bam Ratatata Tatatatata Oh my god

Hanako and the PretzelKarma system
12 January 1983

For graphics use here's my resources list: http://pretzelkarma.deviantart.com/journal/Graphics-Resoruce-List-307661842
This is also linked on my pretzelkarma Graphics comm :)


29f only child with a wild passion and imagination; coping through life with a bunch of strangers saving my personality and mind from devestation; and the other side of that coin with a bunch of friends who either support me or don't on that! LOL. My friends are real, regardless of what they feel of my mind's setup.

I am not the only one who will be writing in this journal, and if you have a question or concern about it feel free to comment. I'm no longer wanting to be quiet about it, just trying to be more open, and a bit more hmm... careful about it? :) I yap alot on tumblr, and occasionally i think i make too much of this public where, at least on facebook and lj it's a controlled area.


The main ones who will use this (you can look in userpics to see the informatiuon on who's icon is who)
Sai, aka Saitou (Fujiwara/Kanegawa)[Recently nicknamed Squiffy by Punky, thanks to Obake's partner Kat LOL],Tensei Arashi,Makoto Fujiwara,Izuchi Kanegawa aka Punky (he hates being called izuchi, but since he knows hide fans are picky he's going to BEHAVE.),Reiko,Justin D. Terrance,Lily H.,Yasuo... There may be more.. but for now that's the basic list :)I'm not a diagnosed multiple personality sufferer/DID - but somedays do you really need a diagnosis to know what's up with you? And frankly, some of us don't suffer .. we relic in the fact we're not normal..
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